Bulk SMS Software

Bulk SMS Software is a Desktop Application which allows you to send mass Text Messages (SMS) from your Computer to a large group of people using a USB Modem. The Bulk SMS Software allows you to create a text message and send it to a list of Mobile Numbers. For Testing purpose, you can also send the SMS Message to a single Mobile Number.

Send SMS Messages with Bulk SMS Software

Hardware and Software Required to Send Bulk SMS

This Bulk SMS Software sends SMS Messages with the help of USB Modem and a SIM Card. Given below are the Software and Hardware Components required in order to run your SMS Marketing or other Campaign. Basic knowledge of Windows Computer is required as well, however you can avail Free Customer Support to start your first Bulk SMS Campaign.

  1. A Windows Computer running Windows 7 or later is required in order to use this Bulk SMS Software.
  2. USB Modem from a Mobile Service Provider like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance, etc. The Software has been tested with USB GSM Modem, however CDMA Modems should work equally fine.
  3. Pre-Paid or Post Paid SIM Card having Sufficient Balance. Many Mobile Service Providers offer SMS Pack with pre-paid SIM Card to reduce the cost of sending Mass SMS.

Bulk SMS Software application can be used to send Alerts, Reminders, General Awareness Message, Notifications, Product Launches or Offers. SMS is a a powerful and a cost effective tool to communicate information to people. Using the Bulk SMS Software you can now make your product or any offers known to a large number of people easily and quickly.

Sending SMS Messages with this Bulk SMS Software is as good as sending SMS Message from your Mobile Number. In order to send large number of SMS Messages, you can utilize the SMS Packs offered by your Mobile Service Provider. In India, Mobile Companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and other Companies offer cheap SMS Packs. When testing this Bulk SMS Software, a SMS Pack of 350 Messages was bought for Rs 33 only.

How to Use Bulk SMS Software

This Free Bulk SMS Software provides a Standard Windows Setup which is available as a Free Download. You need to have Windows 7 or later Windows Operating System in order to use this Bulk SMS Software. Given below steps outline how you can start using this Software to send SMS Messages with a USB Modem and a SIM Card.

Bulk SMS Software's User Interface is very simple as most of the options available in the Right Click Menu. The Bulk SMS software is free of cost and supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7 versions of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Do watch the Video Tutorial which displays the various functionality provided by Bulk SMS Software by selecting it from the 'Help Menu'.

  1. Connect your USB Modem with SIM Card in it. In case your SIM Card has a Pin, do remember to remove the Pin.
  2. Depending on your Service Provider, an Associated Software Application (which is used to Start / Close Internet Connection, Read SMS Messages, etc) might run automatically. You can Close the Associated Application as you would not need it for sending SMS with this help of this Bulk SMS Software.
  3. Download this Free Bulk SMS Software, Install it and Launch it from Desktop Shortcut or from Programs Menu.
  4. Carefully see the Status Bar of the Bulk SMS Software which automatically Detects the USB Modem and displays your Mobile Service Provider name and other SMS Details.
  5. Right Click on the Software, Use the Add Mobile Number Menu Option to Add Single or Multiple Mobile Numbers to the List.
  6. Right Click Again on the Bulk SMS Software and choose the menu option to configure SMS Message to be sent to the list of Mobile Numbers.
  7. Now with Mobile Number(s) and SMS Text, you can Send SMS Messages, Right Click again on the Software and select the menu option to Send Configured SMS Text to All Numbers.
Mobile Service Provider information and other SMS Information in Status Bar

You can also Download Video Tutorial which displays the above steps to Send SMS Messages. Yes there is a Video Tutorial in the Help Menu of the Bulk SMS Software as well.

Features of Bulk SMS Software

In case you do have a USB Modem bought from Mobile Service Provider and a Windows Computer, you can simply download and try this SMS Software on your Computer itself. You can alternatively read on further to know what all features are supported by this SMS Application.

Screenshot of Settings Screen of Bulk SMS Software

Benefits of Using Bulk SMS Software

There are lots of benefits in using a Desktop Application to send SMS Message. Few of the benefits of using a Desktop Application to send Bulk SMS are outlined below.

  1. The First and foremost benefit of using this Bulk SMS Software to send SMS Messages is that you are in Total Control of your Mobile Numbers List and SMS Message to be Sent.
  2. You do not need to share your Mobile Number list with any other Company.
  3. Your SMS Message can be delievered at your choice of Date and Time.
  4. There is no SMS Gateway involved apart from your own Mobile Service Provider. No Need to learn or understand SMS API or other technical details of sending SMS Messages.
  5. Sending Bulk SMS with your USB Modem is the cheapest method of sending Bulk SMS. The SMS Messages are sent from your own Mobile Number helping your Recipients to easily identify and contact you.